Kevin Hollinrake MP on fracking visit to USA

Kevin Hollinrake, MP for Thirsk and Malton, will be in Pennsylvania next week visiting communities where shale gas extraction has taken place.

During his week-long trip Mr Hollinrake will be meeting environmental campaigners and local groups to hear about their experiences. He will be talking to a gas exploration company who will explain their work and the process of gas production.

Whilst in America Kevin Hollinrake will be doing his own research into the impact of fracking on both the residents and the businesses near well sites. He is looking forward to listening to the people on whom the industry has had the most direct impact with regard to employment, health, property and finance.

Kevin Hollinrake is funding the trip himself to independently see first-hand what living near fracking sites is actually like. He is open minded about what he will see and excited about this chance to meet real people with relevant experience who can tell him their personal views. The MP is also taking the opportunity to listen to academic experts in the USA and learn about their research.

“I am really looking forward to seeing for myself exactly what is involved in shale gas production. I have done a lot of research into the exploration process and heard from many people concerned about what fracking could mean for North Yorkshire. I feel I need to get more answers to my own questions and those of my constituents. I will be meeting with a broad spectrum of people who hold a variety of opinions. I anticipate by going to Pennsylvania I will gain more knowledge with which to best help get the right decision on applications for shale gas extraction in the UK.”


On returning to Britain Kevin Hollinrake intends to share his findings with his constituents and those involved in any potential plans for fracking in this country.